Queensnake (Regina septemvittata): critical habitat description

The Queensnake (Regina septemvittata) is an aquatic snake that is listed on Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act. In Canada, the Queensnake occurs in southwestern Ontario, where it inhabits areas containing permanent water bodies and an abundance of cover, such as flat rocks or crayfish burrows.

The Recovery Strategy for the Queensnake (Regina septemvittata) in Canada identifies the critical habitat for the species in a number of areas, including within federally protected areas.

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to subsection 58(2) of the Species at Risk Act, subsection 58(1) of that Act applies, 90 days after this publication, to the critical habitat of the Queensnake -- identified in the recovery strategy for that species that is included on the Species at Risk Public Registry -- that is found within the Big Creek National Wildlife Area, Long Point National Wildlife Area and St. Clair National Wildlife Area, described in Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Area Regulations made pursuant to the Canada Wildlife Act.

Interested parties are invited to contact Environment and Climate Change Canada by email at ec.protectionep- sarprotection.ec@canada.ca to request clarification regarding the location, biophysical attributes and protection of this species’ critical habitat. However, some details may be withheld to protect the species and its critical habitat.

January 28, 2017

Mary Jane Roberts
Species at Risk Act Management and Regulatory Affairs
Canadian Wildlife Service

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