Woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge summary reports: annex K

Metadata Information for Maps in ATK summary reports for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta

The following is a description of the metadata for all maps present in ATK summary reports from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Attribute Description:

Please note; when an attribute is left blank it means that the information was not specified by participants.

Shape *-
ConsultName - [ConsultNam]
Name of community/meeting that the information was gathered from.
(Consult)ID - [ConsultID]
A sequential number, beginning at 1, given to each Shape* for a given ConsultName.
Type -
Caribou use: Areas where participants have seen boreal caribou.
Caribou previous use: Areas where participants used to see boreal caribou in the past but have indicated that they no longer do.
Disturbance: Areas where boreal caribou are disturbed by landscape features.
Protection: Areas/features that participants thought were important to protect for boreal caribou.
Other wildlife use: Areas used by other wildlife species (species name is specified)
Caribou absent: Areas where caribou are not believed to using
Caribou range: Area where participants indicated the range boundary for a local population(s) differs from the current range boundary.
Caribou habitat: Areas/features identified by the participants as important habitat for boreal caribou.
Caribou migration: Migration pathway used by boreal caribou.
Other: Any other type of information not identified in the above categories.
Season - Specifies what season observation by participants were made
All: year round
C: calving
F: fall
W: winter
Sp: spring
S: summer
Caribou Use - [CaribouUse] Indicates how (or why) the area identified by polygon is being used by boreal caribou.
Bed Site: Area used for bedding.
Calving: Area is used for calving.
Caribou trail: Trail identified as being used by boreal caribou.
Migration: Area is used by boreal caribou for seasonal movements between areas.
Refuge-bugs: Area offers boreal caribou a refuge from bugs.
Refuge-predator: Area offers boreal caribou a refuge from predators.
Reserve: Area set aside for protection.
Road Crossing: Area where caribou cross the road/highway
Salt lick : Location of a salt lick.
Disturbance Type - [Dist_Type] Classifies the type of disturbance contained within the area.
Cb: Cutblock/logging
Dr: Drilling
F: Forest fire
Ht: Hunting
L: Light
Mn: Mining
N: Noise
OHV: Off-highway vehicles
O&G: Oil and gas (general), usually indicates presence of multiple features such as seismic lines, well sites, roads, and plants
Pip: Pipeline
Pl: Plant (industrial)
Rd: Road(s)
Rec: Recreational use (general)
Trp: Trapping
SL: Seismic line
WS: Well site
CWS Region -
The CWS Region in which the data was collected: PYR, PNR, OR, QR, AR
Date -
Indicates date when information was collected from community members
Notes -
[Details] Any other information, or further details that are applicable to a given line/point/polygon file.
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