Morrison creek lamprey (Lampetra richardsoni var. marifuga) recovery strategy: chapter 8


14. Actions Already Completed and/or Underway

Several recovery actions have been completed or initiated.

  1. A National Recovery Team for Non-game Freshwater Fish Species was established in 2003, and the team developed a draft Recovery Strategy for Morrison Creek Lamprey in 2006.
  2. Morrison Creek lamprey are listed under SARA, and a public consultation process for this recovery strategy has been undertaken as part of the SARA process (see Record of Cooperation and Consultation).
  3. A variety of scientific investigations have been completed by R.J. Beamish and co-workers (DFO, Nanaimo) and by the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers.
    1. taxonomic investigations, including some molecular genetics work,
    2. basic biological investigations,
    3. assessment of the status of Morrison Creek lamprey,
    4. mapping aquatic habitat in the watershed.
  4. Extensive public awareness and education including: brochure creation and distribution; the creation and distribution of stewardship packages to watershed landowners; watershed workshop and walks; public presentations and aiding liaison between the public and governmental agencies concerning local stewardship, web-based information presentation.
  5. Habitat restoration projects (not specifically targeting lamprey) have been successfully completed, including instream complexing and bank stabilization, riparian planting, fish passage restoration, and weir construction.

15. Statement of when Action Plans will be Completed

Within two years of posting the final version of the recovery strategy, one or more action plans will be developed. The plans will include descriptions of programs, plus a timeline of programs with estimated budgets, and will encompass a timeframe of at least five years.

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