Strategic environmental assessments: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Strategic environmental assessment is a process that promotes environmental sustainability in decision- making. It helps ensure that the environment is considered when developing policy, plan and program proposals. It is also a requirement of the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals.

There are many benefits to strategic environmental assessments. They may:

  • show ways to increase the positive impacts of the proposal
  • help avoid negative impacts of the proposal on the environment and human health
  • show possible cumulative environmental effects
  • show possible problems early which can save time and money in the future
  • quicken the environmental assessment of projects

Strategic environmental assessments also report on how proposals contribute to the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. This strategy outlines the Government of Canada’s goals and actions to promote clean growth, ensure healthy ecosystems and build safe, secure and sustainable communities.

Public statements

We conduct strategic environmental assessments on our new policy, plan, or program proposals. When a proposal is approved or announced, we post a public statement. These can be found on our registry of public statements on strategic environmental assessments.  

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