Mackenzie River basin board

The Mackenzie River Basin covers approximately one-sixth the area of Canada (1.8 million km2). The Mackenzie River Basin Board was created as a forum for cooperative water management within the Mackenzie River Basin. The Board was formed under the "Mackenzie River Basin Transboundary Waters Master Agreement", signed in July 1997 by the Governments of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

The Board became fully operational in December 1998 and has thirteen members. Three members represent the federal departments of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, and Parks Canada Agency. Each of the provinces and territories has two members, one government representative and one Indigenous member.

The Agreement contains four main elements:

The Parties to the agreement have committed to five principles:

The work of the Board is guided by a Strategic Plan and supported by technical committees. The Board published an online State of the Aquatic Ecosystem Report in 2021.  The size of the basin, interjurisdictional partnerships, participation of Indigenous members and focus on maintaining the ecological integrity of the whole basin make the Mackenzie River Basin Board unique.

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