Environment Canada Data Explorer

The Environment Canada Data Explorer is a Windows-based application that provides a user-friendly interface to Environment Canada’s HYDAT Database. ECDE allows users to easily browse and extract hydrometric information right from their own desktop.

ECDE features include:

  • An interactive map of Canada’s hydrometric station network
  • Advanced filtering of station information
  • Creation of user-defined station lists for quick loading of frequently viewed stations
  • Graphical and tabular views of water level, discharge and sediment data
  • Copy and paste feature for maps and graphs for insertion into reports and presentations
  • Export of station information and hydrometric data to a variety of file formats
  • Bulk export tool to simultaneously extract data for a number stations

To install ECDE to your computer, download the Microsoft Windows Installer from our ftp download site. Installation instructions and system requirements can be found in the ECDE Reference Manual.

See Also:

  • GreenKenueTM - advanced data preparation, visualization and analysis tool for hydrological models.

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