EOLakeWatch: Satellite earth observations for lake monitoring

Monitoring the status of Canada’s freshwater lakes has never been more important. As land-use pressures and our changing climate continue to have impacts on our freshwater resources and ecosystems, it is necessary to know how water quality conditions are changing over time.

Using advanced technologies such as Earth Observation (EO) satellites, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) scientists are now better equipped to monitor and understand factors that affect the water quality of lakes across Canada. Satellite remote sensing provides a cost-effective solution for obtaining frequent, lake-wide water quality observations. ECCC scientists are developing remote sensing products to deliver information on inland water quality in support of lake science and water quality management. On this webpage, you will find interactive tools, satellite-derived water quality data products, and information on the science behind remote sensing of water quality.

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MODIS Aqua image of the Great Lakes, with an algal bloom on Lake Erie (October 9, 2011)

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