EOLakeWatch: Annual algal bloom summary reports

Each year ECCC produces algal bloom summary reports, capturing bloom conditions from June to October, that provide the following:

  1. Introduction to the annual bloom report
  2. Map identifying lake of interest
  3. Graphs illustrating the spatial extent, intensity, and severity of daily algal bloom conditions
  4. Graphs illustrating annual averages for algal bloom extent, intensity and severity over the entire data record
  5. Recommended citation for the annual bloom report 
  6. Map of annual algal bloom duration
  7. Map of chlorophyll-a distribution on the date of maximum algal bloom severity
  8. Table of reported algal bloom indices compared to long-term averages
  9. Glossary of algal bloom terminology used in the report
  10. Appendix of algal bloom indices over the entire data record
Sample report with parts 1 to 10 identified in the appropriate sections.


Using the tabs below, select a lake and view the historical annual summary reports by clicking the desired year.

Please contact EOLakeWatch if you require an alternate format of these reports.


Lake Erie
Lake of the Woods
Lake Winnipeg

Data to generate the reports can be found under Water Quality Remote Sensing within the government's Open Government portal.

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