Habitat joint ventures

Just as birds in flight are unrestricted by borders, bird conservation spans many jurisdictions and a wide range of interests.

Across North America, joint ventures involving individuals, corporations, conservation organizations and government work on a variety of bird conservation projects.

Learn more about Canadian joint ventures:

Eastern Habitat Joint Venture
Eastern Habitat Joint Venture partners are active in Canada’s six Eastern provinces - Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador - conserving high-priority fresh and saltwater coastal regions that have significant waterfowl and other migratory-bird use.

Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture
Find out about waterfowl, water bird, shorebird and land bird projects.

Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture
Efforts include habitat acquisitions and stewardship, protection and outreach programs.

Prairie Habitat Joint Venture
Learn about efforts to protect wetland resources and associated habitat from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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