FedNor investing $6,018,795 in support of thirteen economic development projects across Northern Ontario


The Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Indigenous Services and Minister responsible for FedNor, today announced FedNor investments totalling $6,018,795 in support of thirteen different initiatives across Northern Ontario.

These projects include a wide range of investments in multiple sectors, including natural resource development and mining infrastructure, agriculture and agri-food, and community development. These initiatives will foster economic development in the region by supporting a diverse economy while also strengthening food supply chains.

These projects are anticipated to create a wide range of economic and community benefits, including: the creation of over 120 jobs and over 45 maintained; the creation of several strategic alliances across sectors; increased production, sales, and exports for a range of regionally-developed products; the creation and growth of numerous events, including fairs, markets, and conferences; new community and business assets; training and other supports for new and existing local businesses; increased efficiency and reduced carbon footprints; new development opportunities and expanding mining and natural resource development infrastructure; and increased food production within the region, which will also strengthen food supply chains for Canadians.

Initiatives supported by FedNor

B&G Industrial Services

B&G Industrial Services is receiving an unconditionally repayable investment of $1,389,350 to support expansion and to increase automation of their trailer production facility. Specifically, this project includes expansion of existing facilities, including heating, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and the purchase and installation of new equipment including cranes, welders, and positioners.

DDS Drilling Services

DDS Drilling Services is receiving a repayable investment of $1,000,000 to support purchasing equipment and supplies to establish the business. Specifically, this funding will support the acquisition of equipment and supplies including drill bits, safety equipment, and tools; the transport of the new equipment and supplies and vehicle modifications as required; and the hiring and training of staff.

Sharpe Farm Supplies

Sharpe Farm Supplies is receiving an unconditionally repayable investment of $600,000 to support construction of a grain handling facility. This project includes construction of a warehouse and an above-ground truck scale, purchasing and installing grain fertilizer bins and a grain dryer, fabricating grain conveyors, and necessary landscaping.

Tobler dairy farm

Tobler dairy farm is receiving an unconditionally repayable investment of $600,000 to increase production, maintain healthy cattle, and reduce carbon emissions. Specifically, funding will support building a new barn, renovating an existing structure, and purchasing equipment, including a milking robot, collector, bale chopper and mixer, feed pusher, and manure pump.

Graham & Graham Consulting

Graham & Graham Consulting is receiving an unconditionally repayable investment of $500,000 to support their Kakabeka Falls Land Base Experience Multi-Purpose Centre project. Funding will support formal site development, marketing, renovations to current structures, purchase of large tipis and tents, construction of a program roundhouse and other structures, and landscaping.

Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (NOIC) is receiving an investment of $489,083 to support the expansion and development of programs and services over a three-year period to increase rural and regional innovative business development in the Kenora–Rainy River region. This project will build on a previous regional pilot program that fostered entrepreneurship through supports including accessible and in-person business mentorship, training, and delivery of existing NOIC programming.

North Bay Plastic Molders

North Bay Plastic Molders (NBPM) is receiving an unconditionally repayable investment of $479,202 to support the purchase of three new plastic injection moulding machines to increase product diversity and to reach new markets. The new energy-efficient machines will allow NBPM to produce larger items that cannot be manufactured with their existing equipment.

Matheson Agricultural Society

The Matheson Agricultural Society is receiving an investment of $262,080 to support renovations and upgrades to the Floyd Hembruff Civic Centre. Specifically, this project will include the installation of swales, new roofing and insulation, heaters, and a new generator; upgrading electrical and plumbing systems; kitchen improvements; and a new LED digital sign.

Enaadmaagehjik (Wikwemikong Development Commission)

Enaadmaagehjik is receiving an investment of $217,000 to support final planning studies for a proposed pellet manufacturing plant and to attract an equity partner. Specifically, this project will include outreach and partner development, electrification and environmental studies, a business plan update, and drilling to confirm water availability for fire suppression systems.

Township of Armstrong

The Township of Armstrong is receiving an investment of $133,207 to support the revitalization of the Parc d’Earlton. Specifically, this project will include the rehabilitation and paving of park pathways, the refurbishment and replacement of benches and bleachers, and modernizing pavilions and other structures to improve accessibility and to increase capacity for hosting larger events.

Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek

Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek is receiving an investment of $119,000 to support the development of a feasibility study and conceptual design for the community’s break wall and waterfront infrastructure. The study will include the examination of the existing break wall and docks, including underwater inspection.

Granite Core

Granite Core is receiving a repayable investment of $96,985 to support increases in sawing capacity and output. This project includes purchase and installation of two rock cutting saws, fabrication and installation of steel bases and indexing carts, site preparation and infrastructure upgrades within the existing facility, and related training for employees.


TEM-PRO is receiving a repayable investment of $91,048 to support scaling up and expanding the business. Specifically, this project includes building upgrades and renovations, improvement of the manufacturing section of the facility, purchasing tools and equipment, as well as website, e-commerce, and marketing tool development.

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