Video: Communicate in ways people understand


A video featuring persons and objects in animation format.

(A colourful rainbow shaped infographic with a tree sapling under its arc sweeps onto screen)

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy

(The image changes to a red circle with text bubbles within slides to the center of screen)

Text on screen: Communicate in Ways People Understand

(A man and woman face various elements such as a bank, circle chart, credit card, laptop, and smart phone.)

Narrator: It’s a time of change. Canadians have to navigate a complex and digital financial marketplace. So many products and services! So much information and advice! It can all be overwhelming. When they see complex financial information, it can be confusing.

(Another man and woman with a young daughter holding the mother’s hand observe elements such as laptop, credit card, bank, and smartphone. These elements are being highlighted by a yellow circle one at a time. A question mark appears on top of the family.)

Narrator: Financial information that is hard to understand is a barrier. It can keep people from making good decisions about their money. Financial information that is complicated is a barrier. It can mislead people into making choices that aren’t good for them.

(Puzzle pieces come together in the background as an advisor slides onto screen facing the family.)

Narrator: As a key player in the financial ecosystem, it’s important that you communicate in ways that consider people’s different abilities and circumstances. You can break down this barrier!

(Family and advisor slide out of screen and puzzle pieces transform into blocks.)

Text on screen: Community groups, Government and regulators, Financial services industry, Other key players

(Rainbow infographic with tree sapling re-appears on screen, flips over to transform into a blue circle with a small tree sapling growing out of coins.)

Narrator: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy identifies actions you can take.

(The blue circle flips over again to become a bank, then a piggy bank with coins falling into it, a man and woman slide into the screen on the right side, the blue circle flips to reveal a check mark within a green circle and flips over once again to show hands shaking.)

Narrator: When Canadians understand your information, they are more likely to make the right decision for their circumstances. They will also have more trust and confidence in your organization.

(A woman holding and reading a long sheet of paper, an x within a red circle slides to the left side of screen.)

Text on screen: Avoid text that’s too long, Confusing communication, Jargon

Narrator: So how do you do this? Avoid information that’s too long or confusing. Get rid of jargon.

(Woman with long sheet of paper slides out of screen and is replaced with a clipboard with lines of text and green encircled check marks. The lines of text become fewer as graphs and visuals are added to the page.)

Text on screen: Do this instead! Clear information, Plain language, Add visuals, Try videos and other formats.

Narrator: Instead, present clear information to help with decision making. Use plain language. Add more visuals and use other formats, such as videos.

(Image is replace with a woman touching a smartphone screen, a lightbulb lights up to her right.)

Text on screen: Test, Evaluate, Share

Narrator: Most importantly, make sure you test your material with clients to confirm that they understand what you are trying to communicate. And continue to share your results with your networks.

(Image is replaced with a man and woman in front of a desk. An advisor sits on the other side of the desk.)

Text on screen: You can reduce barriers

(A smart phone being held in a person’s hands and a person wearing a headset sitting at a desk with a computer screen are added. Red speech bubbles appear atop of them.)

Narrator: You can make a big difference in reducing financial barriers, by making changes to the way you communicate so that everyone can understand.

(Image is replaced by a large red circle with text bubbles within.)

Text on screen: Communicate in Ways People Understand

(Red text bubble slides into rainbow infographic.)

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy

Narrator: Help Canadians build financial resilience. Learn more about FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy and actions you can take. Together, let’s make change that counts!

(Image is replaced by a green line with a tree sapling emerging out of it to the right of screen.)

Text on screen: Let’s make change that counts,

(Government of Canada word mark: The word Canada with a waving Canadian flag above the last ‘a’)

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