Video: Strengthen consumer protection measures


A video featuring persons and objects in animation format.

(A colourful arc shaped infographic with a tree sapling under its arc appears.) 

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy 

(The image changes to a shield within a yellow circle.) 

Text on screen: Strengthen Consumer Protection Measures

(The yellow circle flips over to reveal a globe with surrounded by lines. The globe is on a laptop screen)

Narrator: Canadians face an increasingly complex and digital financial world.

Text on screen: Banking, Technology

(The globe transforms into a circular play button icon that is separated diagonally by a line. The two half circles slide such that they end up aligned to each other.)

Narrator: The lines between financial service providers and technology companies are blurring.

(A smartphone, a cheque, a credit card, a point of sales terminal, an envelope full of money, and open laptop all surround a building representing a bank. Each object has a line leading to the bank.)

Narrator: Some people find it difficult to know which products and services are best for them.

(Image changes to the yellow circle with a shield inside. This time the shield has a question mark on it.)

Narrator: And it might be difficult for people to know if they are protected when using new products and services.

(A woman and a man and their daughter who is holding the hand of the woman all stand together aside puzzle pieces which are fitted together, while an advisor addresses them, clipboard in hand.)

Text on screen: You’re part of the financial ecosystem

(The puzzle pieces become blocks with various icons representing the stakeholder groups.)

Text on screen: Community groups, Government and regulators, Financial service industry, Other key players

Narrator: As part of the financial ecosystem, you can help Canadians confidently navigate the financial marketplace.

(A colourful arc shaped infographic with a tree sapling under its arc appears, flips over to quickly reveal the yellow circle with a shield in it.)

Narrator: To achieve this goal, FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy has identified strengthening consumer protection as a priority.

(A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen and typing.)

Text on screen: Consumer protection for everyone

Narrator: So, how can you contribute to better consumer protection? Depending on your place in the financial ecosystem, here are some actions you can take.

(Image changes to another woman sitting at a table, looking at a laptop screen holding a baby. The screen shows a yellow circle and shield within.)

Text on screen: Make consumer protection a priority

Narrator: Make consumer protection a top priority in all of your policies, programs, products and services.

(Image changes to a man and woman sitting in front of a desk. A woman sits on the other side of the desk looking at a computer screen.)

Text on screen: Help Canadians understand their rights and responsibilities

Narrator: Inform Canadians about their rights and responsibilities, so that they can navigate the financial marketplace with confidence.

(Image changes to a man sitting in front of three computer screens with graphs and lines of text on them.)

Text on screen: Monitor trends carefully, Make recommendations

Narrator: Monitor and conduct research on emerging trends and issues in the financial marketplace. When you spot gaps in consumer protection, make evidence-based recommendations to fix them.

(Image switches to a man with binoculars to his eyes. He is facing front and binary codes, or series of ones and zeros, are inside the binocular lenses.)

Text on screen: Consider the impact of new products and services

Narrator: If your organization offers new digital products and services, consider their impact on your policies and practices.

(Three people at a round table in a discussion. Papers with charts and a tablet on the table.)

Text on screen: Review policies, procedures, and practices

Narrator: For example, conduct regular reviews to make sure that customers information remains protected. This includes clearly explaining to Canadians how and when their data is being used.

(A person with a black mask over his eyes looks at a laptop screen.)

Text on screen: Protect consumers from fraud

Narrator: It is also important to help protect customers from fraud in a digital environment.

(The image changes to the shield within a yellow circle.)

Text on screen: Strengthen Consumer Protection Measures

Narrator: Help Canadians build financial resilience.

(The colourful arc infographic reappears. The yellow circle slides into it.)

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy

Narrator: Learn more about FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy and actions you can take.

(Image is replaced by a green line with a tree sapling emerging out of it to the right of screen.)

Text on screen:  Let’s make change that counts,

Narrator: Together, let’s make change that counts!

(Government of Canada word mark: The word Canada with a waving Canadian flag above the last ‘a’)

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