Video: Build and provide for diverse needs


A video featuring persons and objects in animation format.

(A colourful arc shaped infographic with a tree sapling under its arc appears.)

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy

(The image changes to a white triangle, square, and circle above a person within a red circle slide to the center of screen.)

Text on screen: Build and Provide for Diverse Needs

(Image is replaced by a row of diverse people standing in front of a Canadian flag.)

Narrator: Canada is incredibly diverse. And many Canadians of different cultures, communities, income levels, generations, and genders feel like the “financial system” does not speak to them.

(A man stands in front of floating objects such as a bank, credit card, smartphone and circle chart. The man looks confused.)

Narrator: They experience barriers to accessing, understanding, and using financial products and services.

(A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen looks discouraged.)

Text on screen: You’re a part of the financial ecosystem, Community groups, Government and regulators, Financial service industry, Other key players

(Two women and their daughter who is holding the hand of one of the women, stand aside puzzle pieces fitted together, while an advisor addresses them, clipboard in hand.)

Narrator: You’re a part of the financial ecosystem. FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy can help you better serve the diverse needs of Canadians.

(Complex looking information such as graphs and dollar sign icons fill the screen along with lines of text. This becomes a white board with a man and an advisor holding a clipboard standing on each side for the white board.)

Narrator: By using strategies to build and provide for diverse Canadians, you can make sure fewer people get left out. Creating a more effective financial ecosystem.

(A group of diverse people stand together within a circle.)

Text on screen: Build and provide for diverse needs

Narrator: Here are some ways that you can build and provide for diverse needs.

(A man and woman in front of a desk. An advisor sits on the other side of the desk.)

Text on screen: Start with customer service

Narrator: It begins on the front lines, where everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and where the products and services offered should fit people’s needs.

(A top view of a group of people sitting around a table in a discussion as represented by white text bubbles appearing on the table.)

Text on screen: Get diverse customers involved

Narrator: Consult diverse Canadians about your financial products, services, or information. Their input will help you remove barriers.

Text on screen: Learn from survey data, Design for diverse needs, Work with community groups

Narrator: Financial institutions can learn more about their clients through surveys and design specific products and services for different groups. Financial institutions can work with community groups to develop barrier-free financial literacy resources.

(A group of women discuss and take notes on laptops in front of a whiteboard displaying graphs and lines of text.)

Narrator: For example, this can also include special programs for women and Indigenous Peoples.

(A woman touching a smartphone screen, a lightbulb lights up to her right.)

Text on screen: Test, Evaluate, Share

Narrator: Make sure you test your material with clients to confirm that they understand it and continue to share your results with your networks.

(A line of diverse people are shoulder to shoulder in front of a red circle featuring a triangle, square, circle and a person under it.)

Narrator: The sooner you make changes to incorporate diversity in your products and services, the better the outcomes will be for everyone.

(The arc infographic with sapling appears and the red circle slides into it.)

Text on screen: Build and provide for diverse needs

Narrator: Help Canadians build financial resilience. Learn more about FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy and actions you can take.

Text on screen: FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy

(Image is replaced by a green line with a tree sapling emerging out of it to the right of screen.)

Text on screen: Let’s make change that counts

Narrator: Together, let’s make change that counts!

(Government of Canada word mark: The word Canada with a waving Canadian flag above the last ‘a’)

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