Video: National Financial Literacy Strategy 2021–2026


Many Canadians are stressed about their finances

The world we live in is complex and changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities

including people’s money and finances

The truth is, anyone can be financially vulnerable regardless of income, background or education

Do you know what helps us overcome vulnerability?


Let’s help Canadians build financial resilience

This is an ambitious goal

And it’s at the heart of the new National Financial Literacy Strategy

The strategy is a 5-year plan to help Canadians build financial resilience

To confidently face challenging times a changing world a digital economy

Canadians need a financial ecosystem that works for them

Countless organizations and individuals help Canadians navigate their finances

How can this incredible ecosystem make a greater impact?

How can we reduce barriers for Canadians?

How can we create better financial outcomes for Canadians?

We need to make real change for consumers

Change that counts

By making sure financial products and services reflect the diversity of Canada

By enhancing access to affordable and trustworthy financial help

By communicating financial information in ways people understand

By making it easier to make good financial decisions

This strategy is a renewed call to action

It charts a path for a more accessible, inclusive, and effective financial ecosystem so everyone can build financial resilience

Let’s make change that counts

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