e-Learning videos — Financial Basics

These eight e-learning videos complement the Financial Basics workshop material. They are an easy and accessible alternative way to boost financial knowledge and plan a more secure financial future. You can use them as part of a Financial Basics workshop, or watch them on your own.

The first seven videos cover topics such as budgeting, credit, debt, saving and investing, financial planning and protecting yourself from fraud. The eighth video gives tips and answers questions about planning and delivering the best Financial Basics workshop.

The Financial Basics e-Learning Project was jointly developed by The Chang School at Ryerson University and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada with the assistance of the Ontario Securities Commission.

Module 1: How do I prepare a budget?

Module 2: How do I live within my means?

Module 3: Understanding credit

Module 4: Dealing with debt

Module 5: Saving and investing

Module 6: Do you have a financial plan?

Module 7: How to protect yourself from financial fraud

Module 8: Workshop delivery tips

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