Video: Don't Let Your Finances Surprise You!

Don't Let Your Finances Surprise You!



The video opens on a character skipping down a sidewalk. He looks between 25 and 45 years of age. Through the video, he buys a car, gets married, spends lots of money and is oblivious about how to make his finances work for his family. As he walks, money flies out of his pockets and then disappears behind him.


I got a wife and a kid, lots of student debt
Yeah I mortgaged a house that I haven’t paid down yet
The toys and the trips are all super fantastic
If I ain’t got the money, I put it on plastic
Don’t know what RRSP’s is,
TFSA is a mystery—

Sound Effect: The character screams abruptly.


The scene cuts to an extreme close-up of the character's face. His eyes are wide and look worried, as if only at that moment has he realized how badly he has managed his finances.

Voice over:

Don’t let your finances surprise you.
Browse hundreds of resources and events in the Canadian Financial Literacy Database to start managing your finances today.

It pays to know.

A message from the Government of Canada.​

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