Quebec Fisheries Fund grants more than $1 million for 13 projects across the province


The contribution will help enhance the sustainability and productivity of the fish and seafood sector

March 3rd, 2021


Thirteen projects across the province funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) under the Quebec Fisheries Fund (QFF).

A total of $855,806 in financial contributions from DFO.

* The total cost of the project includes the financial participation of the recipient in the project, as well as other private or public partners, if applicable.

Recipient Project objective QFF pillar Location DFO contribution ($) MAPAQ contribution ($) Total project cost ($)*
Association québécoise de l’industrie de la pêche (AQIP) The project consists of a study among ten factories in maritime regions concerning the costs of upgrading processing plants that hold groundfish processing licenses for the purpose of receiving and processing redfish. The study results will give the processing plants an overall picture of the situation and enable them to be better informed to make investment decisions. Infrastructure Quebec maritime regions 23,030 9,870 42,900
9234-6493 Québec Inc. (Mathieu Girard) The project involves the development and testing of a new sea cucumber dredging system.  Innovation and Science partnerships Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspésie 62,385 26,737 127,298
Centre de recherche sur les biotechnologies marines (CRBM) The CRBM proposes to develop a new lobster bait. Instead of using inputs from marine organisms or processing co-products, the CRBM is proposing a microbiological approach. Micro-organisms that produce lobster attractants compounds will be grown in a laboratory, processed and then tested on lobsters in a controlled environment (tanks). A technical-economic study will also be conducted to compare the production costs for this innovative bait with the costs of traditional bait. Innovation Rimouski, Québec 68,933 29,543 99,475
Merinov The recipient is partnering with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods to assess the potential of stabilized and marketed seaweed as ingredients used because of their functional and nutritional properties for manufacturing various foods. This project will document the intermediate food product market, study the functional, organoleptic and nutritional properties of intermediate seaweed products in selected food models with partner companies, as well as proposing differentiated and well developed intermediate seaweed products for food applications. Innovation Gaspésie 66,760 28,612 165,752
La Crevette du Nord Atlantique Inc. The recipient has optimized its "double frozen" shrimp processing line. This shrimp, raw and frozen, is imported from large trawlers to offset the decline in the local resource. New equipment has been introduced to the processing line in order to analyze in real time the performance of the peelers and to remove as much of the residual shell as possible, which is present in larger quantities in frozen shrimps.  Infrastructure Gaspé, Gaspésie 63,944 27,405 150,697
Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie (RPPSG) The project involves the development and testing of an innovative device, better adapted to inshore fisheries, that makes it possible to reduce the long length of rope drift between buoys and traps. This will reduce the possibility of whales becoming entangled in the mooring lines used by Gaspé lobster fishers. Innovation Gaspésie 71,978 30,847 114,250
Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie (RPPSG) The objective of this project was to provide the necessary infection control supplies to help Gaspé region lobster harvesters prevent the spread of COVID-19 onboard their vessels. The acquisition and distribution of masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant for sanitizing vessel surfaces are activities that have been carried out. Infrastructure Gaspésie 17,448 7,478 34,750
Pêcherie Pierre-Paul Dupuis et fils Inc. The goal of the project is to purchase and install a control system on a shrimp fishing trawl. This is a new technology used to make fishing operations more effective and environmentally friendly, resulting in better targeted fishing activities. Infrastructure Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspésie 69,997 29,998 491,356
Pêcheries Danamé Inc. The project consists of improving the performance of Northern shrimp harvesting activities through the use of a Trawl-Eye echosounder in conjunction with an Ocean-Cam underwater camera. By linking the information provided by the echosounder and underwater camera, the company will be able to increase catch efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve onboard safety. Infrastructure Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspésie 51,669 22,144 99,945
Les Fruits de Mer Madeleine Inc. The company wants to mechanize its packaging system to optimize its snow crab processing line, specifically for the packaging of frozen sections. This system will automatically transfer snow crab from the handling cages to packing boxes, ready for marketing. Infrastructure Étang-du-Nord, Magdalen Islands  50,873 21,802 96,900
Les logiciels Smart Sailors Inc. The project consists in developing a digital application that can improve the productivity and safety of Quebec’s fishing vessels. This tool will allow harvesters to ensure better maintenance of their boat, monitor safety equipment more closely, clarify safety procedures onboard and to create reminders for renewing crew licenses.  Innovation Gaspésie 61,005 26,145 215,140
GHGES Marine Solutions Inc. The purpose of this project is to adapt the Marentrack© system to the fishing industry. This new remote system for monitoring and analyzing mechanical equipment will improve the efficiency of fishing activities. The project will help develop an interface to combine numerous systems that in many cases interact with each other. Innovation Québec 41,220 17,666 98,705
Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band The project involves the purchase and installation of an "Echo Trawl" control system on the shrimp trawl of each of the three shrimp vessels owned and operated by the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band Council. This new technology is used to improve fishing efficiency and environmental sustainability. Infrastructure Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspésie 206,564 88,527 327,879
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