Plant and Animal Health Strategy sets out a collaborative path for Canadian agriculture

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July 25, 2017 – Ottawa – Canadian Food Inspection Agency

To support economic opportunities and to protect human health and the environment, Canada's federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) ministers of agriculture endorsed the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada at their annual meeting. The strategy is a shared vision between partners across governments, industry, academia and others, and charts a path forward for collectively addressing evolving risks to plant and animal health.

Agriculture is an important driver in today's economy and has been identified as one of Canada's key growth sectors. Implementation of the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada is essential to economic growth, and for the health of all of our citizens and the environment.

Effective action depends on the combined and coordinated work of numerous partners. By taking a collaborative approach, the partners will be even more successful at protecting plant and animal resources from new and emerging risks. The action-oriented strategy outlines how all parties will work together to protect these resources, unleashing the potential for growth in Canada's agriculture sector.


"Agriculture is a key growth sector for Canada's economy. By working in collaboration with partners we have been able to create a strategy that will improve how we work together to advance the protection of plant and animal health, reduce risk to Canadians and improve our economic opportunities."

- The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

"The primary principle of the PAHS is prevention and reducing risk wherever possible.  The Beef Value Chain Roundtable strongly supports this initiative and encourages the timely implementation of the Animal Health Strategy."

- Dennis Laycraft, Co-chair, Beef Value Chain Roundtable

"Sharing knowledge and combining our strengths will result in a plant and animal health system of which all Canadians will be proud."

- Ruth Salmon, former Executive Director, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

"The horticultural sector is proud to supply Canadians with the healthiest of foods - fruit and vegetables. A national plant and animal health strategy is crucial to safeguarding Canadian horticulture and other natural resources while ensuring the continued growth of our sector."

- Rebecca Lee, Executive Director, Canadian Horticulture Council

"The Plant and Animal Health Strategy's focus on prevention and governments working more closely with industry to protect plant and animal health is important for Saskatchewan's economy. The strategy will help us maintain and enhance production for Canada and the world and ensure our customers have confidence that the food we grow is safe and of the highest quality."

- Bill Greuel, Saskatchewan Assistant Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Regulatory and Innovation and Plant and Animal Health Strategy Leader

"The Plant and Animal Health Strategy will support increased coordination and collaboration with our federal-provincial-territorial and industry partners. The strategy will help us achieve our collective goal of taking advantage of economic opportunities while strengthening our capacity to protect animal and plant health and enhancing public confidence in our agri-food industry."

- Debra Sikora, Ontario Assistant Deputy Minister of Food Safety and Environment Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Quick Facts

  • Budget 2017 set the ambitious target to grow agri-food exports from $52 billion to at least $75 billion annually by 2025.

  • 1 in 8 Canadians are employed by the agriculture and agri-food industry.

  • The Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada covers the agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and apiculture sectors.

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