Progress update on the path forward for PEI potatoes


December 20, 2023 - Ottawa, Ontario

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Prince Edward Island (PEI) potato industry continue to make significant progress to help contain, control, and prevent the spread of potato wart in PEI and protect this important sector of the Canadian economy.

Building on extensive engagement with the potato sector to date, the CFIA is obtaining feedback on three Risk Management Documents which outline options related to biosecurity, seed potato production, and the categorization of fields associated with potato wart detections. Feedback received on these documents will help inform the development of a new National Potato Wart Response Plan, to replace the current Potato Wart Domestic Long Term Management Plan.

The CFIA is also taking other action to protect against the spread of potato wart:

  • A tool has been designed to help PEI potato producers quickly see where land restrictions are in place, helping them make timely and important business decisions.
  • A guide  for industry has been developed to communicate movement requirements and highlight biosecurity best practices to encourage preparedness and resilience.

Throughout the fall of 2023, the CFIA continued with its third annual national potato wart survey. The survey included the collection of soil in seed potato production fields in provinces that are not regulated for potato wart, in addition to the collection of soil in unrestricted fields in PEI. Results of the national survey will be available in the spring of 2024. However the results of the PEI element of the national survey are known; there were no new findings of potato wart on the island.

Combined, these actions should help PEI potato growers make timely and important business decisions for the upcoming growing season. They also demonstrate the CFIA's continuing commitment to help contain, control, and prevent the spread of potato wart.

The CFIA is committed to continuing work with growers to advance a robust strategy that not only helps prevent the spread of potato wart to protect plant life in Canada, but also keeps trade channels open for the Canadian potato sector.

Quick facts

  • The CFIA is committed to helping contain, control and prevent the spread of potato wart disease, which is regulated under the Plant Protection Act and Regulations. In Canada, potato wart is only known to occur in Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. There are regulatory control measures in place in both provinces to help prevent the potential spread of this pest to other provinces and territories.
  • Canadian farmers produced a record crop of 128 million hundred weight of potatoes in 2023. That's 22% more potatoes than Canada's 2020 crop and 3.7% higher than 2022. (Statistics Canada, December 2023)
  • Approximately 95% of PEI potatoes are eligible for movement to the rest of Canada as well as to PEI's primary export market, the U.S.
  • The CFIA has held more than 100 engagements with key members of the potato industry since October 2021.

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