New Canadian assistance in Southeast Asia 


The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today announced nearly $13 million in funding mostly through its Anti-Crime Capacity Building and Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building programs. In addition, the Minister announced almost $7 million in funding for Asia through Canada’s International Humanitarian Assistance program.

Canada’s Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP) supports other state government agencies through international organizations, non-governmental entities and the sharing of Government of Canada expertise, to prevent and respond to threats posed by transnational criminal activity, including human smuggling.

Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program (CTCBP) assists other states with training, funding, equipment, technical and legal assistance so that they can prevent and respond to terrorist activity, within international counterterrorism and human rights norms, standards and obligations.

Security Assistance

Capacity-building program to reinforce ASEAN counterterrorism capacity and expertise (TRACE)
Funding announcement: $3 million
Time frame: 2017 to 2021
Funded by: CTCBP

Implemented by INTERPOL, this project aims to enhance the capacity of law enforcement officers assigned to national counterterrorism units, INTERPOL National Central Bureaus, and other relevant units from ASEAN’s 10 member states. The objective is to identify and track terrorists and violent extremists, including foreign fighters moving to and coming back from conflict areas. Officers will receive training to better collect, analyze and share intelligence, including information gathered on social media, which can help in detecting, preventing, investigating and prosecuting terrorism-related crimes.

Project Sunbird
Funding announcement: $3.5 million
Time frame: 2017 to 2021
Funded by: CTCBP

This INTERPOL project delivers a training model for police, immigration and maritime authorities from all 10 ASEAN countries. With a focus on border points of entry, this project will enhance counterterrorism efforts through different capacity-building activities and secure information sharing among ASEAN countries and INTERPOL’s international databases.

Support to counter the financing of terrorism
Funding announcement: $1.78 million
Time frame: 2017 to 2021
Funded by: CTCBP

Implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), this project aims to strengthen the capacity of relevant financial agencies within Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Bangladesh in the areas of anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism. Officers from relevant institutions, such as the ministries of finance, the offices of the attorney general and the national police forces, will receive training and resources on the effective enforcement of UN counterterrorism financing instruments and other international standards.

Stronger border management and intelligence capacity
Funding announcement: $500,000
Time frame: 2016 to 2019
Funded by: ACCBP

Executed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), this project will support law enforcement agencies in Thailand, particularly the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, in further developing sustainable and effective systems to combat human smuggling into and through Thailand.

Reinforcing border control to combat migrant smuggling and human trafficking
Funding announcement: $456,783
Time frame: 2016 to 2018
Funded by: ACCBP

Through training implemented by the IOM, this project seeks to continue supporting the efforts of Malaysian law enforcement agencies to combat smuggling of migrants and human trafficking. Border control and protection will be enhanced though skills development in document examination, and the provision of tools to detect fraudulent travel documents and impostors.

Strengthening capacity to prevent human smuggling
Funding announcement: $527,968
Time frame: 2016-2018
Funded by: ACCBP

Cambodia’s capabilities in preventing and combatting transborder crime will be improved and enhanced through strengthening national legislation as well as the capacity of the national and subnational police, with a particular focus on the prevention of human smuggling and trafficking. This project is being implemented by the IOM.

Combatting migrant smuggling
Funding announcement: $506,414
Time frame: 2016 to 2019
Funded by: ACCBP

This IOM project aims to improve the Government of Myanmar’s general understanding of migrant smuggling, promote the development of counter-smuggling legislation, increase investigative capacity and encourage cross-border collaboration. The project will specifically target the Ministry of Immigration and Population and the Ministry of Home Affairs to enhance their capacity to respond to migrant smuggling.

Capacity building and communication campaign to prevent human smuggling
Funding announcement: $430,000
Time frame: 2016-2019
Funded by: ACCBP

Implemented by the IOM, this project aims to prevent and combat irregular migration in Vietnam, including maritime smuggling, through the completion of a gap analysis and a refresher course on relevant legal frameworks. Officers from Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Safety will complete study tours in Vietnamese provinces, which are particularly vulnerable to human smuggling, and will participate in a series of targeted activities, such as interprovincial case sharing and the development of a training curriculum on migration issues.

Enhancing law enforcement capacity to prevent human smuggling
Funding announcement: $445,564
Time frame: 2017 to 2019
Funded by: ACCBP

This RCMP project will enhance the capacity of the Royal Thai Police  and the Cambodian National Police to investigate migrant smuggling networks. The project includes a train-the-trainer component that will enable both police bodies to be self-sufficient in the development of their investigative and analytical skills. Additionally, it will advance the information and intelligence sharing relationship between Canadian, Thai and Cambodian law enforcement, and enhance the abilities of the three countries to contribute to international efforts in addressing the global risk of human smuggling and organized transnational crime.

Organizational development for the Cambodia General Department of Immigration
Funding announcement: $482,395
Time frame: 2017 to 2019
Funded by: ACCBP

Implemented by the Canadian Border Services Agency, this project aims to increase the capacity of the Cambodia General Department of Immigration to identify and intercept human smuggling ventures destined for Canada by revamping and developing a formalized training program, in collaboration with the RCMP.

Strengthening response capabilities for emerging and re-emerging diseases
Funding announcement: $1,298,000
Time frame: 2016 to 2018
Funded by: Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat Reduction Program

Executed by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (part of the Philippines Department of Health), this project aims to prevent, detect and respond to biological threats posed by infectious diseases. This project will also strengthen laboratory, national health and security rapid responses for infectious diseases.

ASEAN Regional Forum Workshop on peacekeeping
Funding announcement: $30,000
Time frame: 2018

This two-day seminar, which will be co-hosted by Vietnam and Canada, will provide an opportunity for Canadian experts and officials to exchange insights and best practices, in support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Humanitarian Assistance in Asia
Regional Humanitarian Assistance for Asia
Funding announcement: $6 million
Time frame: 2017

This assistance will be provided to a number of experienced international humanitarian partners operating in the Asia-Pacific region. The funding supports a range of activities, including protection, against sexual and gender-based violence, shelter and food assistance, health services, and livelihood support to populations affected by armed conflict and other violence. The support also promotes respect for international humanitarian law, assists with registration issues for refugees and displaced people, and promotes coordination and emergency preparedness throughout the humanitarian system.

Humanitarian Assistance in the Philippines
Funding announcement: $750,000
Time frame: 2017

This assistance will be provided to an experienced international humanitarian partner delivering needs-based humanitarian assistance to vulnerable conflict-affected people and communities in the Philippines. This funding supports a range of activities including the provision of health-care services, improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene services and infrastructure, and the promotion of international humanitarian law compliance. 

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