Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials - Case 1


Canada remains deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict and fragility in South Sudan, the slow progress of the peace process and the high level of violence and suffering. Women and children continue to bear the brunt of vicious conflict.

Effective immediately, Canada is imposing sanctions against two government and military officials in South Sudan who have personally profited from acts of significant corruption. Canada is also imposing sanctions against an individual who has been responsible for, or complicit in, gross violations of internationally recognized human rights against individuals in South Sudan who sought to defend human rights and freedoms.  

These listings are in addition to individuals designated under the Special Economic Measures Act and the United Nations Act with respect to South Sudan. 

The names of the individuals targeted by these sanctions are:

  • Malek Reuben RIAK RENGU
  • Michael MAKUEI LUETH

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