Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials - Case 2


Canada remains concerned about the pervasiveness of significant corruption and violations of human rights in Venezuela, which are contributing to the serious crisis in that country.

Effective immediately, Canada is imposing sanctions pursuant to the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act against 19 Venezuelan officials, including President Nicolás Maduro. These individuals are responsible for, or complicit in, gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, have committed acts of significant corruption, or both. These measures are consistent with Canadian principles and values, and support Canada’s international efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela.

These actions are in addition to sanctions imposed on September 22, 2017, pursuant to the Special Economic Measures Act on Venezuela and key figures in the Maduro regime.

The names of the individuals targeted by these sanctions are:

  • Nicolás MADURO MOROS
  • Tareck Zaidan EL AISSAMI MADDAH
  • Gustavo Enrique GONZÁLEZ LÓPEZ
  • Adán Coromoto CHÁVEZ FRÍAS
  • Luis Ramón REYES REYES
  • Alejandro Antonio FLEMING CABRERA
  • Rafael Darío RAMÍREZ CARREÑO
  • Carlos Alberto OSORIO ZAMBRANO
  • Luis Alfredo MOTTA DOMÍNGUEZ
  • José Vicente RANGEL ÁVALOS
  • Eulogio Antonio DEL PINO DÍAZ
  • Nelson José MERENTES DÍAZ
  • José David CABELLO RONDÓN                    
  • Rodolfo Clemente MARCO TORRES
  • José Gregorio VIELMA MORA
  • Francisco José RANGEL GÓMEZ
  • Ricardo Antonio MOLINA PEÑALOZA
  • Argenis de Jesús CHÁVEZ FRÍAS

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