Canada commits $28.7 million to Arctic in 2019


As a global Arctic leader, Canada will demonstrate its commitment to the circumpolar region by investing $28.7 million over the next five years in the following key areas:

Canada at the Arctic Council

Funding announced: $3.8 million

Canada will enhance its capacity to meaningfully participate and contribute to the work of the Arctic Council’s working groups and task forces.

Sustainable Development Working Group

Funding announced: $5 million

Canada will establish a Canada-based permanent secretariat for the Sustainable Development Working Group, which will bolster the Arctic Council’s work on the human dimension, including social, health, economic and cultural issues.

Permanent participant capacity

Funding announced: $10 million

Canada will work to increase northern Indigenous representation in relevant international forums and treaty negotiations by providing increased, coordinated and stable funding to the Canada-based Indigenous permanent participants.

Youth engagement

Funding announced: $5.4 million

Canada will pursue new measures to optimize youth engagement in Canada’s international Arctic affairs.


Funding announced: $4.5 million

Canada will enable UArctic to increase its activities and programming in Canada as well as to increase circumpolar engagement and cooperation throughout the UArctic network. UArctic is an international network of universities, colleges, research institutes and other organizations that are concerned with education and research in and about the Arctic.

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