Canada’s support for mine action under the Ottawa Convention


Canada has contributed over $450 million in the last 2 decades to mine action around the world. Canada currently supports mine action as part of development assistance, security and stabilization programming. Canada’s funding helps universalize the Ottawa Convention and activities in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

The funding announced today totals $8.3 million and will support mine action in areas of the world that are most affected by landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

Mine action supporting stabilization in Anbar, Iraq: $2 million over 2 years

Through the Peace and Stabilization Operations Program, this project will:

  • clear explosive hazards in liberated areas of Anbar to increase access by stabilization actors and UN agencies to damaged critical infrastructure so that other stabilization efforts can proceed
  • enable increased access by Iraqi women and men to commercial and residential land, as well as to essential services in liberated areas
  • support advocacy for increased participation of women in all facets of mine action in Iraq

Toward a landmine-free Sri Lanka: $2 million over 4 years

With implementing partner The HALO Trust, the project team will clear landmine-affected areas in northern Sri Lanka. Clearing the land will:

  • enable resettlement
  • provide access to repair an agricultural reservoir
  • facilitate safe access to public services, such as schools, clinics, main roads and places of worship

Women will comprise close to 50% of deminers employed by the project. The project will also provide training for female staff transitioning to other employment once demining activities are complete.

Universalize the Ottawa Convention through mine risk education and the participation of women and youth in mine action: $4.3 million over 2 years

Through the Weapons Threat Reduction Program, critical institutional funding will be provided to support:

  • the International Campaign to Ban Landmines for mine risk education and advocacy work
  • the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining to assist states in meeting their obligations under the Ottawa Convention, promoting gender and diversity in mine action
  • Mines Action Canada to support the participation of women and youth through its Youth Program and to promote women and youth as enablers in their communities and agents for change, toward a mine-free world

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