Canada-Kingdom of Denmark joint statement on bilateral cooperation


June 14, 2022 - Ottawa, Ontario - Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Jeppe Kofod, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and Múte B. Egede Prime Minister of Greenland and Vivian Motzfeldt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade of Greenland issued the following joint statement:

“Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark together with Greenland are close, like-minded partners committed to democratic principles, including the rule of law and gender equality. We work closely to support multilateralism and the rules-based international order, to protect human rights, minorities, Indigenous peoples and to safeguard democracy. We commit to deepening our cooperation across a range of priority issues in support of peace, prosperity and stability globally, as well as in the Arctic region.

“Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark are committed to strengthening relationships that are key to our collective security. We will continue to cooperate closely within NATO, with the EU and the international community to end Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine. Russia bears the sole responsibility for the illegal aggression, which violates international law and has caused mass destruction, senseless loss of human life, and food and energy security crises that threaten vulnerable populations globally.

“Together we pledge our steadfast support to Ukraine and salute the courage and resilience of its people. We will support the efforts to investigate reported war crimes, including against women and children, and to hold perpetrators accountable, including through our shared membership of the Group of Friends on Accountability Following the Aggression Against Ukraine. We look forward to the Ukraine Recovery Conference taking place next month in Lugano, Switzerland, and we are united in supporting Ukraine in its reforms, economic recovery and reconstruction planning.

“Democracy is the foundation of long-lasting peace and security, sustainable development and prosperity. Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark are committed to increasing bilateral and multilateral cooperation to promote our democratic values, including in the use of digital technologies and in cyberspace. We commit to working together to advance human rights and fundamental freedoms online and digital inclusion through the Freedom Online Coalition. Canada is pleased to join the Copenhagen Pledge on Tech for Democracy, which includes governments, tech companies, civil society and multilateral organizations. We are also committed to advancing a feminist, inclusive and rights-respecting governance of digital technology through the Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse.

“In the Arctic, our countries share a unique bond, firmly rooted in the rich historical and cultural ties between Inuit in Canada and Greenland. The ongoing and historical links fostered by Inuit in both Greenland and Canada provide opportunities to strengthen cooperation, between the two countries’ governments, including in areas of culture, mobility and transport, natural resources, and sustainable development through trade and infrastructure.

“Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark, together with Greenland, celebrate the signing of a new boundary agreement resolving long-standing disputes over the maritime boundary in the Lincoln Sea and the sovereignty of Tartupaluk/Hans Island. It also establishes a boundary on the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles in the Labrador Sea. From the Lincoln Sea in the north to the Labrador Sea in the south, the line is the longest continuous maritime boundary in the world. This agreement is a testament to our excellent relations, and it demonstrates our commitment to the rules-based international order and in maintaining our shared ambition of the Arctic as a region of low tension and cooperation. We commit to further strengthening this cooperation, which will bring important benefits for the people living in the Arctic.

“To address the most challenging crisis of our time, Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark will take urgent action to address climate change and mitigate its consequences. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and we will promote trade and investment in clean technologies to promote a green transition and economy-wide decarbonization. Climate change is affecting the Arctic faster than any other region in the world. Our countries together with Greenland commit to helping our communities monitor and build resilience in response to climate change in the Arctic through enhanced collaboration in research that uses both scientific and Indigenous and local knowledge.

“We look forward to increasing and expanding our cooperation in the years to come.”


Adrien Blanchard
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Media Relations Office
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