Sanctions imposed on Sri Lankan state officials


Canada is imposing sanctions against the following individuals who committed gross and systematic violations of human rights during Sri Lanka’s civil conflict, which occurred from 1983 to 2009.

Canadian measures

The Special Economic Measures (Sri Lanka) Regulations impose on listed persons a prohibition on any transaction (effectively, an asset freeze) by prohibiting persons in Canada and Canadians outside Canada from engaging in any activity related to any property of these listed persons or providing financial or related services to them. The individuals listed in the Schedule to the Regulations are also rendered inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The specific prohibitions are set out in the Regulations.

The names of the individuals added to the Schedule of the Regulations are the following:

  • Former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa
  • Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa
  • Staff Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake
  • Lieutenant Commander Chandana Prasad Hettiarachchi

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