Sanctions in response to ongoing human rights violations in Belarus


Effective immediately, Canada is imposing sanctions on 21 individuals who are involved or complicit in ongoing human rights violations in Belarus since the fraudulent presidential election of 2020.

Canadian measures

The Special Economic Measures Act enables the Government of Canada to take economic measures against certain persons in four situations: when an international organization of states or association of states of which Canada is a member calls on its members to do so, when a grave breach of international peace and security has occurred, when gross and systematic human rights violations have been committed in a foreign state or when acts of significant corruption involving a national of a foreign state have been committed.

The Special Economic Measures (Belarus) Regulations impose a dealings prohibition (effectively, an asset freeze), by prohibiting persons in Canada and Canadians outside Canada from engaging in any activity related to any property of, or providing financial or related services to listed persons. The listed individuals are also rendered inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The specific prohibitions are set out in the regulations.

The names of the Belarusian individuals who have been involved or complicit in arbitrary arrests and detentions, brutality, intimidation and excessive use of force against Belarusians who protested the fraudulent elections, as well as their ill treatment once they were falsely tried, sentenced and imprisoned, are the following:

  1. Ruslan Khikmetavich MASHADZIYEU
  2. Sergey Vladimirovich KARCHEVSKY
  3. Svetlana Aleksandrovna BONDARENKO
  4. Roman Ivanovich BIZYUK
  5. Andrei Romanovich TARASEVICH
  6. Anna Mikhailovna OSIPENKO
  7. Sergey Vasilyevich MASLIUKOV
  8. Yevgeny Valerievich BUBICH
  9. Yury Ivanovich VASILIEVICH
  10. Aliaksandr Uladzimirovich KARNIENKA
  11. Andrei Siarheevich PALCHNIK
  12. Aliaksandr Uladzimirovich KAROL
  13. Mikhail Mikhailavich MURASHKIN
  14. Mikalai Vasilievich MAKSIMOVICH
  15. Valyantsina Mikalaeuna ZIANKEVICH
  16. Zinaida Vasilieuna BALABALAVA
  17. Halina KNIZHONAK
  18. Hanna Borisovna LEUSIK
  19. Henadz Ivanavich KUDLASEVICH
  20. Ina Leanidauna PAULOUSKAYA
  21. Dmitry Vitalievich BUBENCHIK

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