Treasury Board Mandatory Training Inventory

This inventory of Mandatory Training (the inventory) contains courses that have been determined to be mandatory by the Secretary of the Treasury Board under the authority of section 2.3.1 of the Policy on People Management. Deputy Heads have the authority under section 12(1) (a) of the Financial Administration Act to determine additional learning, training and development requirements of persons employed within their organizations.

Employees should direct any questions about mandatory training and the inventory to the human resources sector of their organization. Senior-level corporate human resources personnel requiring additional guidance can direct queries to the appropriate inbox listed below.

Audience Course Titles Contact Information for Senior Corporate HR Sector
Newly-appointedFootnote 1 public servants

First-time managers

Functional Specialists – Financial Officers

Functional Specialists – Materiel management specialists

Functional Specialists – Procurement specialists

Functional Specialists – Real property specialists

Functional Specialists – Project management specialists

All employees in the best interests of the public service


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