Cloud services

Application Hosting Strategy

The Application Hosting Strategy provides direction for departments and agencies to evaluate application hosting solutions.

Choosing the right cloud service

Find out which cloud deployment model is right for your organization.

Data residency requirements

Understand the Government of Canada’s requirements for the storage of data within Canada.

Secure use of cloud services

How to put in place secure cloud solutions.

Risk-management for cloud-based services

Protect cloud services by ensuring that the proper security controls are in place.

Data sovereignty in cloud environments

Assessing the risks of foreign governments accessing Canadian data in the cloud.

Recommended controls for cloud-based services

How to secure, manage, and use cloud services.

Use of Cryptography in Cloud

Security considerations for protecting sensitive data in cloud-based deployments

Security Playbook for Information System Solutions

Tasks to consider when designing and implementing solutions for GC information systems in cloud environments.

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