Improving digital services

Modern and emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence

How the federal government is exploring AI to improve government programs and services.

Cloud services

Adopting cloud solutions in the government

Enabling interoperability

Data sharing tools, standards and guidance to enable better digital service delivery.

Information management

How the government protects information as a public trust and manages it as a strategic asset in the service of Canadians.

Open Source Software

Learn how OSS is part of the GC technology ecosystem that supports services for Canadians.

Projects and initiatives across government

Designing and improving is the Government of Canada’s digital presence where you can easily find information about the Government’s programs and services.

Canadian Digital Service

Working with other departments and agencies to build simple and easy to use services. Help deliver solutions, build up capacity and provide advice.

Digital Academy

Training and tools to help develop digital skills in the public service. Digital literacy, digital competencies, best practices, and learning opportunities.

GC Talent Cloud

Government of Canada’s experimental new hiring platform.

Next Generation HR and Pay Solution

Design of a new process for developing the Government of Canada’s Next Generation HR and Pay solution.

Partnerships and committees

The Digital Nations

A collaborative forum of the world’s leading digital governments that aims to use technology to improve citizen services in Canada and globally.

Digital Youth Advisory Committee

Including the perspectives of young Canadians in the design and development of products and services.

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