Security and Identity Management (SIDM)

The Government of Canada ensures that information, assets and services are protected against compromise, and that individuals are protected against workplace violence.

Security Policy

The security policy, directives, standards and guidelines convey an integrated approach to security management. They are aimed at striking a balance that respects individual departmental authorities and responsibilities while ensuring effective and efficient security practices government-wide.

Government of Canada (GC) Security Strategy

Strategic initiatives aim at improving government-wide security.

Security Resource Centre

Visit the Security Resource Centre for information related to the interpretation of and support for implementing security principles and policies, security forms and Public Key Infrastructure.

Management of Security Incidents

The Government of Canada provides an operational framework for the management of security incidents that could have, or have had an impact on government operations and services.

Federating identity management

The Government of Canada’s approach to the federating identity management is a key element supporting the development of our next-generation of online authentication services.

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