Consultation begins on proposed new Canada eastern wheat class

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March 20, 2017 Winnipeg        Canadian Grain Commission 

Today, the Canadian Grain Commission began a consultation on its proposal to introduce a new eastern wheat class. Wheat industry stakeholders including grain handlers, processors, marketers, breeders and producers are invited to provide their input. The consultation closes on May 20, 2017.

The Canadian Grain Commission is proposing to develop a Canada Eastern Special Purpose class. This class would allow all registered wheat varieties to be assigned to a class and receive a statutory Canadian grain grade. The proposed Canada Eastern Special Purpose class would ensure that eastern wheat classes continue to meet the needs of producers and support future market opportunities.

The proposed wheat class would take effect on July 1, 2018. The Canadian Grain Commission will consider all input received, and may make amendments to this proposal based on stakeholder feedback.

Quick Facts

  • The Canadian Grain Commission establishes eastern wheat classes through extensive consultation with end-users, breeders, marketers and other stakeholders within the value chain

  • For each class, quality and performance parameters are set by a group of industry experts who represent all aspects of the wheat value chain

  • Implementation or timelines may change if major stakeholder concerns or constraints are encountered during the consultation process

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Gino Castonguay

Chief Grain Inspector for Canada
Canadian Grain Commission


Canadian Grain Commission

The Canadian Grain Commission is the federal agency responsible for establishing and maintaining Canada’s grain quality standards. Its programs result in shipments of grain that consistently meet contract specifications for quality, safety and quantity. The Canadian Grain Commission regulates the grain industry to protect producers’ rights and ensure the integrity of grain transactions.

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