Canadian Grain Commission’s new Science Strategy responds to the changing needs of the grain sector

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The Canadian Grain Commission’s new Science Strategy is now available.

The strategy lays out a vision for the future of science and research at the Canadian Grain Commission and positions us to respond to the latest trends and developments in the grain sector.

Based on consultations with producer and industry organizations, end users, academia as well as other provincial and federal government departments, the Science Strategy identifies 5 drivers that will shape the future of grain science into the next decade:

  • global trends and emerging market issues
  • advances in technology
  • evolving end uses
  • climate change and extreme weather
  • food safety and nutrition

The Science Strategy details our goals and desired outcomes for grain science in response to these drivers. It also outlines how the Canadian Grain Commission will implement these goals using an innovative approach to science, people, collaboration and infrastructure.

The Science Strategy released today affirms our commitment to science as the foundation of Canada’s grain quality assurance system and will ensure that this system meets the current and future needs of the grain sector.


"Our Science Strategy integrates the science and research goals of the Canadian Grain Commission with the key issues and challenges currently facing the grain sector. By addressing these developments, we will ensure that science continues to support Canadian producers and our competitiveness in the world market.”

Doug Chorney, Chief Commissioner, Canadian Grain Commission

“The changing needs of the Canadian grain sector present new opportunities for the Grain Research Laboratory’s science and research activities. Our Science Strategy will guide our planning decisions and future investments. It ensures that we will continue to be the pre-eminent scientific research centre for studying, monitoring, and testing Canadian grain.”

Dr. Esther Salvano, Director General, Grain Research Laboratory

Quick facts

  • The research conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory falls under two categories: crop research and technology research.

  • Research related to crops allows us to assess Canadian grain harvest quality and studies how grading factors affect end-use properties. Crop research also develops new uses for Canadian grain and evaluates new varieties as part of the variety registration process.

  • Research related to technology evaluates and develops methods used to assess the quality and safety of Canadian grain.

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Rémi Gosselin

Head of Communications, Canadian Grain Commission


Canadian Grain Commission

The Canadian Grain Commission is the federal agency responsible for establishing and maintaining Canada’s grain quality standards. Its programs result in shipments of grain that consistently meet contract specifications for quality, safety and quantity. The Canadian Grain Commission regulates the grain industry to protect producers’ rights and ensure the integrity of grain transactions.

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