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The Government of Canada recognizes that Canadians identify health care as a high priority and is continuing to invest, through the federal budget, in the health of Canadians.

To meet the Government of Canada's agenda in an economical and effective manner, and to report on its activities in ways that show clear benefits for Canadians, Health Canada is committed to:

  • Promulgating and promoting the application of the Management Accountability Framework to strengthen management accountability within the department
  • Conducting internal audits respect to the department's resources, systems, processes, structures and operational tasks; and
  • Conducting evaluation studies and developing evaluation and performance measurement frameworks.

Health Canada also prepares estimates, a listing of the resources required by the department for the upcoming fiscal year in order to deliver the programs for which they are responsible. The estimates, along with the Minister of Finance's budget, reflect the government's annual budget planning and resource allocation priorities.

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