Accessibility feedback process

How Health Canada receives and deals with feedback

There are several ways for both the public and employees to submit feedback to Health Canada (HC). HC must accept feedback through a variety of methods, including by email, mail, phone, and through an online form. The online form also allows contributors to remain anonymous.

All feedback will be reviewed and shared to the appropriate office of primary interest (OPI) for action or review. The OPI are the lead offices for each of the priorities that have been identified in the Accessibility Plan.

The Accessibility Readiness Team (ART) will monitor all feedback and will track the progress of the submitted feedback to ensure that contributors who request a response receive one in a timely manner. ART will also track feedback in order to develop annual progress reports on accessibility.

Title of the designated person to receive feedback

The Director of the Accessibility Readiness Team is the designated contact for accessibility enquiries.

How contributors can submit feedback

Contributors may submit feedback through mail, phone, email, and through an online form. To remain anonymous, contributors may use the online feedback.

To submit feedback through mail to HC:
Health Canada Accessibility Feedback
70 Columbine Dr; Brooke Claxton building
Address Locator 0913B
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0K9

To submit feedback by email:

To submit feedback by phone:
1-833-725-2751 (toll-free)
1-800-465-7735 (toll-free teletypewriter)

Timeline of acknowledgement of receipt

Contributors who send email feedback to the HC feedback mechanism, and request a response, can expect an immediate automatic email acknowledgement of receipt of feedback. Contributors who send anonymous feedback will not receive acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement of receipt of feedback will include a personalized response to the contributor as well a timeline for when they can expect a response from the lead of the area the feedback or enquiry is concerning.

As per the regulation, contributors who submit feedback, and request a response, can expect a response within 15 days of submitting their feedback. Contributors who request their response in an alternate format (such as braille or audio formats) can expect a response within 45 days of submitting their feedback. Contributors will receive a response in the same method in which feedback was submitted.

How will HC take feedback into consideration

All incoming feedback will be assigned to the lead of the area that the feedback is addressing. This lead will be responsible for reviewing the feedback and providing a response within the timeline if the contributor requested a response.

The feedback must be taken into consideration by the area leads. They must ensure that their respective teams take the appropriate steps to address the feedback. ART will track this process to make sure that feedback is addressed where necessary, and to report on this through annual progress reports.

Every three years, HC will release a revised Accessibility Plan, which will outline the changes made since the last iteration of the plan and how these changes make HC more accessible.

Requesting a copy of the description in an alternate format

Those who would like alternate formats (i.e. braille, audio formats) of the description of the feedback process may request them.
To request alternate formats, please send a request to

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