What Health Canada regulates

The products and health risks Health Canada regulates.


Health products

How we make sure the health products you use are safe, effective and of high quality.


How we oversee the safety and nutritional value of foods.


How we regulate the safety requirements for cosmetics.

Workplace safety

How we help protect your health and safety in the workplace.

Veterinary drugs

How we regulate the veterinary drugs used in food-producing animals and companion animals.


How we regulate pesticides to make sure that they can be used safely and effectively.

Devices that give off radiation

How we protect you against unsafe levels of radiation given off from some devices.

Tobacco products

How we regulate the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of tobacco products.

Environmental health risks

How we help reduce the risks of common environmental issues that affect human health.

Controlled Substances and Precursors

Learn how and why we regulate controlled substances and their precursors.

Consumer products

How we regulate consumer products for health or safety reasons.


How we regulate cannabis in all forms, to keep youth safe and to displace the illegal market.

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