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Narrator: Product safety is in everyone's best interest.

Narrator: The new Canada Consumer Product Safety Act outlines how industry and government will continue to partner together to help protect Canadians from unsafe consumer products.

Narrator: Effective June 20, 2011, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act introduced new requirements for industry to follow. These requirements will help prevent the manufacturing, importation, advertising and selling of consumer products that pose an unreasonable danger to human health or safety.

Narrator: A wide variety of consumer products are covered under the Act, including children's toys and equipment, children's jewellery, textiles, household products, and sporting goods. Items not covered under the Act include natural health products, food and drink, cosmetics, prescription or over-the-counter drugs and medical devices.

Title: NEW Obligations for Industry

Narrator: All levels of industry including manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of products covered under the Act need to be aware of their new obligations, including Mandatory Reporting.


Narrator: If you have become aware of a reportable incident, you are required to report it within a certain time period to Health Canada and to the person from whom you obtained the product. This will provide Health Canada with timely information about product safety issues.

Narrator: Industry also has new obligations with regards to record keeping. Retailers must retain documents showing the name and address of their suppliers and where and when the products were sold.


Title: New Record Keeping Obligations

Narrator: Anyone who manufactures, imports, advertises, sells or tests a consumer product for commercial purposes must prepare and maintain documents that indicate the name and address of the person from whom they obtained the product or the person to whom they sold it, or both.

Narrator: These records must be kept by businesses as part of any regular bookkeeping practice and will help to trace products throughout the supply chain, should the need arise.

Narrator: Health Canada has hosted a series of information sessions across Canada to further assist you in better understanding your new responsibilities. Webcasts of these sessions will be available on line.

Title: Check the website for session webcasts.

Narrator: Guidance documents have been produced on various elements of the Act and are also available to you on-line.


Narrator: Health Canada's website is industry's primary source for clear and specific information on the new Act. Visit the website to sign up for CCPSA updates or for more information, including webcasts and guidance documents.

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