ARCHIVED - Mould - Simple Steps for Preventing and Removing Mould in Your Home

Transcript - Mould - Simple Steps for Preventing and Removing Mould in Your Home

(Animation begins with Hazardcheck symbol.)

Voiceover: "Mould is a natural part of the environment."
(House turns into arrow pointing at mould text -- mould grows on the letters.)

(Arrow transforms into house and yard scene.)

Voiceover: "However, when mould grows inside your home, it can affect air quality."
(Close in on window.)

Voiceover: "For people with mould sensitivities, this can cause breathing problems, such as asthma, allergies and cold-like symptoms."
(Window becomes four different visuals.)

Voiceover: "Mould grows in areas of excessive moisture from floods, leaks in pipes, bathroom fixtures, appliances or roofs."
(Watering eye and other images disappear leaving a water drop that turns into rain that floods the basement of the house. Close in on person's head which multiplies into four circles containing various elements.)

Voiceover: "Or areas of high humidity, like basements, bathrooms and kitchens."
(Circles transform into rain clouds. Scene is dark, with "dripping" SFX. Screen lightens and fills with white steam rubs away to reveal face looking in mirror which transforms into scene with steaming pot of pasta.)

Voiceover: "But, there are ways to prevent it. Make sure to clean and dry areas of water damage as soon as possible."
(Circle transforms to watery PREVENTION ... sponge wipes across to clean up the water.)

Voiceover: "Keep an eye on humidity in your home: keep it at no more than 50% in summer and 30 to 40% in winter."
(Transition to blazing summer sun then winter snowflake.)

Voiceover: "Always use fans that vent outside for showers and cooking."
(Shower head appears and snowflake becomes spinning fan. Shower head becomes frying pan as fan continues to spin.)

Voiceover: "If you discover mould, find and fix the underlying problem."
(Cut to caulking tube sealing edge of tub.)

Voiceover: "You can clean small areas of mould with dish soap and water."
(Pan to reveal hand with soapy sponge cleaning mouldy bathroom tile.)

Voiceover: "You don't need to use bleach."
(Hand disappears ... line work becomes iconic "no" symbol, bleach container appears.)

Voiceover: "For larger areas of mould or significant water damage you may want to call a professional."
(Transition to professional cleaning truck driving into scene.)

Voiceover: "For more information about mould and other environmental health hazards in the home visit or call."
(The Hazardcheck wordmark appears on screen with the following text:

1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232)
TTY 1-800-926-9105)

Voiceover: "A message from the Government of Canada."
(Transition to Canada Wordmark)

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