Health Care Policy and Strategies Program

The Health Care Policy and Strategies Program provides time-limited funding for projects to non-profit organizations and other levels of government for projects that aim to improve the accessibility, quality, sustainability and accountability of Canada's health care system. The program supports the federal government's commitment to maintain a strong and effective publicly funded health care system.

Health Canada supports project proposals from organizations based on the program’s 4 priority areas:

  • mental health care
  • home and community care
  • palliative and end-of-life care
  • other federal, provincial/territorial and emerging priorities

One-time funding through contribution agreements supports projects that:

  • increase understanding, knowledge and research on data, policies, best practices, products, technologies and processes
    • including identifying gaps, needs and trends
  • identify, develop, implement, assess and promote new or modified tools, approaches and models that promote people-centred health care systems
  • identify, develop, implement, assess and promote new learning opportunities, skills development, standards, products and technological solutions

Projects should aim to increase opportunities for collaboration and coordination among federal, provincial and territorial governments, other health care policy makers, service providers, users, researchers and other stakeholders.

The program cannot provide funding to individuals or for-profit organizations, and cannot fund the delivery of health care services.

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