Health system and services

Health cards, health care system, funding, training, health promotion days, consultations, external advisory bodies, and services and benefits.

Services and information

Health cards

Health insurance cards, provincial and territorial ministries of health.

Health care system

Medicare, funding, access, legislation and guidelines, eHealth, prescription drug management. Health indicators, agreements, and workforce. Commissions and inquiries, and external review of pan-Canadian health organizations.

Health services and benefits

Family, home and continuing, hospital, palliative, and end-of-life care. Canada Dental Benefit. Health care for First Nations, Inuit, and veterans. Nursing careers.


Opportunities, programs, cost recovery,service fees. Health Care Policy and Strategies Program, Primary Health Care Transition Fund, Official Language Health Program, First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program.


Career and workforce development, workplace health and safety training, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, LifeSkills school program.


Public consultations, subscription, guidelines on public engagement.

External Advisory Bodies

Health awareness days, weeks, and months.

Calendar of health promotion days

Health Canada's active, inactive, or disbanded external advisory bodies.


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