Acids and Bases Group

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These substances were identified for action under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). The screening assessment focuses on 22 of 24 substances referred to collectively as the Acids and Bases Group.

Summary of publications
Substance group Subgroup CAS RN Common name DSL name Draft screening assessment Proposed conclusion on section 64 criteria Follow-up activities
Acids and Bases Group Ammonia 5470-11-1Table 1 Footnote a, Table 1 Footnote b Hydroxylammonium chloride Hydroxylamine, hydrochloride HTML Does not meet section 64 (c) Table 1 Footnote b None planned at this time from a human health perspective Table 1 Footnote b
Free available chlorine, chlorate and chlorite 10049-04-4Table 1 Footnote b Chlorine dioxide Chlorine dioxide
7681-52-9Table 1 Footnote b Sodium hypochlorite Hypochlorous acid, sodium salt
7775-09-9Table 1 Footnote b Sodium chlorate Chloric acid, sodium salt
7778-54-3Table 1 Footnote b Calcium hypochlorite Hypochlorous acid, calcium salt
7782-50-5Table 1 Footnote b Chlorine Chlorine
Hydrogen and hydroxide 12136-45-7 Potassium oxide Potassium oxide Does not meet None planned at this time
1310-58-3 Potassium hydroxide Potassium hydroxide
1310-73-2 Sodium hydroxide Sodium hydroxide
1312-76-1 Potassium silicate Silicic acid, potassium salt
1344-09-8 Sodium silicate Silicic acid, sodium salt
7647-01-0 Hydrochloric acid Hydrochloric acid
7664-93-9 Sulphuric acid Sulphuric acid
Nitrate and nitrite 10124-37-5 Calcium nitrate Nitric acid, calcium salt
7631-99-4 Sodium nitrate Nitric acid sodium salt
7632-00-0 Sodium nitrite Nitrous acid, sodium salt
7697-37-2 Nitric acid Nitric acid
7757-79-1 Potassium nitrate Nitric acid potassium salt
Phosphate 1314-56-3 Diphosphorus pentoxide Phosphorus oxide
7664-38-2 Phosphoric acid Phosphoric acid
Sulphite 7631-90-5 Sodium bisulfite Sulfurous acid, monosodium salt
7681-57-4 Sodium metabisulfite Disulphurous acid, disodium salt
Date Activity
December 2022 Anticipated publication of the final screening assessment.
December 4, 2021 Publication and start of 60-day public comment period on the draft screening assessment. The related notice was published in the Canada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 155, No. 49.


Six of the substances in the Acids and Bases Group (hydroxylammonium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate, calcium hypochlorite, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide) were previously addressed for ecological concerns by Environment Canada under the Priority Substances Assessment Program and a Proposed Risk Management Strategy addressing Ammonia, Inorganic Chloramines and Chlorinated Wastewater Effluents was published. These 6 substances are considered to have been addressed previously for ecological concerns and have have not been re-assessed for their potential risk to the environment.

Two other substances were identified as being a part of the Acids and Bases Group at the outset of the third phase of the CMP. These substances were subsequently determined to be of low concern to both human health and the environment, through other approaches. Conclusions for CAS RNs 18917-89-0 and 68442-82-0 are provided in the Final Screening Assessment for the Rapid Screening of Substances with Limited General Population Exposure.

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