Approach for a Subset of Organic and Inorganic Substances Prioritized Under the Chemicals Management Plan

As a part of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), the Government of Canada assesses and manages, where appropriate, the potential health and ecological risks associated with substances prioritized for action under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).

In November 2021, the Government of Canada published a proposed Approach for a Subset of Organic and Inorganic Substances Prioritized Under the Chemicals Management Plan. The list of substances covered under this initiative can be found within the approach document.

This approach addresses 9 organic and inorganic substances that were identified as priorities for assessment as they met the categorization criteria under subsection 73(1) of CEPA 1999 or were considered a priority based on other human health concerns in 2006. For the reasons identified in the approach document, it is proposed that these substances not undergo further assessment at this time.

Additional risk assessment or risk management activities under CEPA 1999 may be undertaken if new information becomes available on these substances. This could include the identification of new hazard or exposure information, which may impact previous risk analyses, international activities, or risk management activities (including performance evaluation).

Any person may, within 60 days of publication of this approach, file with the Department of the Environment, written comments on this proposed approach. All comments must cite the approach title and be sent to the Executive Director, Program Development and Engagement Division, Department of the Environment, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3, by fax to 819-938-5212, or by email to

In accordance with section 313 of CEPA 1999, any person who provides information in response to this publication may submit with the information a request that it be treated as confidential.

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