Selected C3-C5 Alcohols Group

These substances were identified for action under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). The screening assessment focuses on 6 substances referred to collectively under the CMP as the Selected C3-C5 Alcohols Group.

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Summary of publications

Substance group CAS RN Common name DSL name Draft screening assessment Proposed conclusion on section 64 criteria Follow-up activities
Selected C3-C5 Alcohols Group 71-23-8 Propyl alcohol 1-Propanol HTML Does not meet None planned at this time
67-63-0 Isopropanol 2-Propanol
57-55-6 Propylene glycol 1,2-Propanediol
78-83-1 Isobutanol 1-Propanol, 2-methyl-
75-65-0 tert-Butanol 2-Propanol, 2-methyl-
71-41-0 Not available 1-Pentanol


Date Activity
June 2024 Anticipated publication of the final screening assessment.
June 10, 2023 Publication and start of 60-day public comment period on the draft screening assessment. The related notice was published in the Canada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 157, No. 23.

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