Status of Chemicals Management Plan prioritized substances

Status of Prioritized Substances List

In October, 2011, the Government of Canada announced the renewal of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). This builds on our successes and our lessons learned since 2006 when Canada began to address approximately 4300 chemicals that were identified as priorities for further action during the categorization process under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). The goal is to address these substances by 2020.  The status of each substance is represented in the list Status of Prioritized Substances. In addition, this list reflects any changes in prioritization that have occurred based on new information received as part of the first phase of the CMP. It is important to note that this list is not static and as various initiatives under the CMP unfold, or information changes, it will be updated periodically.

This list builds upon those that were posted on the CEPA registry website following the completion of categorization (see Categorization of Existing Substances). It focuses on the priorities to be addressed, instead of the entire Domestic Substances List (DSL), denotes under which initiative these priorities are being addressed, and includes new priorities identified since 2006.

Contents of the List

The list includes the following information on each substance:

Substance Information

CAS Registry Number, Chemical Name, Substance Category

CMP Initiative

The CMP initiative under which the substance is being addressed (and link to associated website):

Basis for Prioritization

Indicates whether the substance was identified during the categorization process or whether the substance is a post-categorization priority.

  • Categorization Process
    • See categorization
  • Post-Categorization - DSL additions identified as ecological assessment priorities
    • Following completion of the DSL Categorization in 2006, additional substances were added to the DSL where eligible.  The application of categorization criteria to these additional substances was completed in 2009 and resulted in the identification of a number of substances that are considered priorities for further assessment from an ecological perspective. Substances that meet the categorization criteria and were added to the DSL as of September 13, 2006, will be treated as meeting the categorization criteria under CEPA.  Those added to the DSL after September 13, 2006 will be treated as additional assessment priorities.
    • See Order Category - Domestic Substances List for DSL additions
  • Post-Categorization - High Health Hazard Classification
    • Substances internationally classified as high hazard (up to 2009)
  • Post-categorization - Other
    • This category includes substances that have had assessments on-going not stemming directly from categorization or that have been identified based on new information or analysis

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