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About 1-bromopropane

1-Bromopropane can occur both naturally and synthetically. It is possible to find 1-bromopropane products available to Canadians and in your indoor air.
1-Bromopropane is used in certain products, such as:

1-Bromopropane is part of the Alkyl Halides group.

Safety of 1-bromopropane

Under Canada's Chemicals Management Plan, we review and manage the potential risks that chemical substances can pose to Canadians and the environment. The first stage of the review process is a draft chemical risk assessment.

We've completed the draft assessment of 1-bromopropane. We're proposing that exposure to certain products such as automotive air conditioning flush, silicone mold release spray and electronics cleaner spray may pose a risk to your health.

Breathing in these products may cause developmental effects.

We're also proposing that 1-bromopropane is not harmful to the environment.

What we're doing

Our assessment is not yet final. We're continuing to evaluate the potential risk posed by 1-bromopropane before we publish our final conclusion. This includes:

If the proposed findings for 1-bromopropane are confirmed in the final assessment, we will consider:

What you can do

Consumers are reminded to:

If you're unsure if your product contains 1-bromopropane, contact the manufacturer.

If you're exposed to 1-bromopropane at work, talk to your employer and occupational health and safety (OHS) official about:

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