ARCHIVED - Memorandum of Understanding Between Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Health Canada


The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to establish principles and mechanisms to facilitate exchanqe of information and advice and promote strong working relationships regarding sustainable pest management and related activities (e.g. all aspects of pest management).


  • The Feb 1995 government decision on pest management regulation provides the authority for establishment of the PMRA and for its relationship to other departments which retain responsibility for areas that affect and are affected by agency operations.
  • When the PMRA was established in April 1995, all resources and activities related to assessment and regulation of pest control products in Health Canada (HC), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Environment Canada (EC) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) were transferred to it.
  • The PMRA and NRCan/Canadian Forest Service have distinct, but related mandates.
  • The mandate of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency(PMRA) is to protect human health and the environment by minimizing the risks associated with pest control products, while enabling access to pest management tools, namely, these products and sustainable pest management strategies.
  • The mandate of the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada is the promotion of the sustainable development of Canada's forests and of the competitiveness of the Canadian forest industry. Within this mandate, one element of the Canadian Forest Service's science and technology program is the development and transfer to operational use of integrated forest pest management strategies and alternative pest management methods.
  • There is already within the Government of Canada a significant level of collaboration and coordination in pest management research and technology transfer in support of sustainable development.


This MOU is based on the following principles:

  • PMRA is responsible for administration of the Pest Control Products Act, including all aspects of health and environmental assessment and regulatory decisions respecting pest control products.
  • PMRA is committed to fostering sustainable pest management.
  • PMRA therefore has an interest in pest management research and development.
  • Research, development and funding roles for pest management alternative technologies will continue to be the responsibility of NRCan/Canadian Forest Service, directly concerned with the development of new approaches to pest management in their sector.
  • PMRA has information regarding areas in which effective alternatives and alternative strategies are needed.


The objective of this MOU is to foster strong working relationships and facilitate exchange of information and advice that will enhance the effectiveness of programs and services delivered by PMRA and NRCan/Canadian Forest Service by:

  • recognizing and acknowledging that the goals of sustainability and risk reduction are shared by all, therefore we will cooperate on matters of mutual interest and opportunities arising to advance sustainable pest management and reduce risks related to use of pesticides
  • continuing to foster development of partnerships and other collaborative mechanisms so as to make the most effective use of resources relating to sustainable pest management strategies
  • having PMRA and NRCan/Canadian Forest Service inform and consult each other about policies, programs and activities that may affect programs and mandates of the other.


In pursuing the objectives of this MOU:

  • PMRA will contribute its knowledge of the risks and value associated with pest control products and its advice on research and promotion needs related to sustainable pest management systems and products.
  • NRCan/Canadian Forest Service will contribute its knowledge of pest management strategies under development.
  • Priority issues for common action will be addressed as they emerge; the signatories will encourage participation of staff on various task forces and working groups as appropriate.
  • Specific areas of cooperation between PMRA and NRCan/Canadian Forest Service are:


  • NRCan/CFS will participate, as appropriate, in PMRA Alternatives Division efforts to facilitate long-term solutions to pest management problems.

Research & Development

  • NRCan/CFS, depending on availability of resources and expertise, will continue to carry out research and development activities respecting pest management alternative technologies.
  • NRCan/CFS will provide information regarding these research and development activities to PMRA on a regular (e.g., annual) basis. NRCan/CFS will provide PMRA with the opportunity to influence priorities for research and technology transfer activities, in order to assist PMRA in supporting sustainable pest management and facilitating long-term solutions to pest management problems.
  • PMRA will consider results of NRCan/CFS research and development programs in policy development and decision-making, such as in establishing priorities and guidelines for evaluation of biopesticides.

Minor Use

  • NRCan/CFS will continue to carry out coordination and funding, where possible, for minor use projects within the overall research programs. PMRA focus for submissions will be the company representative.


  • PMRA and NRCan/CFS will provide to each other, in a timely manner, documents and related media materials on issues relevant to the forest sector.
  • PMRA and NRCan/CFS will provide to each other, on request, information to support briefing and correspondence needs of Ministers and senior management.
  • As the responsible regulatory agency for pest control products, PMRA/HC will take the lead in providing authoritative federal communication on pest management regulatory matters.
  • Appendices to this MOU regarding specific activities will be developed as appropriate.
  • The primary points of contact will be the Alternatives Division, PMRA and Science Issues Division, Science Branch, NRCan/Canadian Forest Service, which will serve as liaison and ensure effective communication and coordination.
  • PMRA and NRCan/Canadian Forest Service will work together to develop additional operational linkages as necessary to implement the foregoing cooperative activities.


  • Accountability for the success of this MOU will rest with the Executive Director of the PMRA and the Assistant Deputy Minister of NRCan/Canadian Forest Service, who will meet annually during normal planning process.

Terms of MOU

  • This MOU commences will come into effect on the date of signing.
  • This MOU may be amended by agreement of both parties.
  • Any patty may terminate its participation in this MOU by giving 3 months notice to the other Party.

Approved for Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

Assistant Deputy Minister

Approved for The Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Executive Director


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