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Canadian Environmental Protection Act

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  • Table 1 Regulatory Schedule for Discharge of Organochlorine Compounds from Pulp Mills which Employ Chlorine Bleaching
  • Table 2 European Regulatory Schedules for Source-Control of Chlorinated Organic Compounds
  • Table 3 Bioconcentration Factors of Compounds Discharged from Bleached Pulp Mills
  • Table 4 Canadian Adsorbable Organic Halogen Measurements (1989)
  • Table 5 Range of AOX Concentrations in the Effluent and Immediate Receiving Waters During Mean and Minimal Daily Watercourse Flows (Freshwater)
  • Table 6 Concentration Range and LC5Os of Bleached Pulp Mill-Generated Compounds Found in Biologically-Treated Effluents from Kraft and Sulphite Mills

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  • Figure 1 Locations of Canadian Pulp Mills Employing Chlorine Bleaching
  • Figure 2 Compounds Detected in Canadian Bleached Pulp Mill Effluents
  • Figure 3 Specific Compounds Discharged from Bleached Pulp Mills
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