Take Action on radon

Radon is an invisible, radioactive gas that comes from the ground.

  • Radon is the 2nd LEADING CAUSE of LUNG CANCER
  • 3000 + PEOPLE/YEAR die from radon-induced LUNG CANCER
  • Radon is in ALL buildings
  • The only way to know how much radon is in your home is to TEST
  • Radon is easy to TEST and easy to REDUCE

How to Reduce radon in your Home

  • HIRING a certified professional LOWERS RADON BY UP TO 90%
  • INCREASING home ventilation LOWERS RADON BY 25-50%

TEST and REDUCE RADON to protect against lung cancer

Recent research found that ONLY 29% OF CANADIANS with high RADON in their home took action to REDUCE it!

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