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National Health Expenditure Trends, 1975 - 2004
This publication from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) includes updated expenditure data by source of funds (sector) and use of funds (category) at the provincial/territorial level, and for Canada, along with an overview discussion on the trends of health care spending in Canada. International comparisons, such as health spending to GDP ratio are included, as well as a comprehensive set of data tables and technical notes.

Canada's Acute Care Hospitals: A Snapshot of Health Care in Canada Chapter 3 in Health Care in Canada (PDF Version - 1904.6 K), 2001.
This report provides additional analysis of changing trends impacting acute care hospitals in Canada.

Ontario Hospital Report 2003: Acute Care
Sponsored by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, (MOHLTC), this report reflects acute care hospital activity in 2001 / 2001. According to researchers, Hospital Report 2003 reflects the largest repository of hospital performance information in North America.

An Overview of Progress and Potential in Health System Integration in Canada (J. Marriott and A. Mable, 2002).
This report, commissioned by Health Canada, examines and assesses the success of recent efforts to integrate various parts of the Canadian health care system. It also aims to improve the level of understanding of various concepts and models of health care integration, and their potential implications for Canada. The report is geared for use by federal, provincial and territorial governments. It analyzes the status of health system integration, blending input from theoretical and empirical research as well as Canadian and international experience.

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