High chairs

Learn how to choose and safely use a high chair for your child.

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Choosing a high chair

High chairs in Canada should be designed to meet performance requirements and safety standards.

The high chair you choose for your child should have a:

  • restraint system that consists of both a:
    • waist belt that's easy to fasten
    • strap which fits between your child's legs (crotch strap)
  • wide base to increase stability and reduce the risk of tipping
  • latching or locking mechanism that's in good working order
  • smooth finish over exposed wooden or plastic parts that's free from:
    • splits
    • cracks
    • other defects
  • a label showing the product's:
    • date of manufacture
    • model name or number
    • name and address of manufacturer

  Check to make sure the high chair does not have any:

  • choking hazards, such as parts that are:
    • loose or missing
    • easily detachable
  • moving parts that could harm a child's finger, toe, limb or head by:
    • pinching
    • crushing
    • trapping
  • sharp edges or points that could cut a child along the edges of the:
    • tray
    • chair

Safe use of high chairs

A high chair should only be used if a child is capable of sitting upright on their own. Other practices for safe use of high chairs include:

  • never leaving your child unattended in a high chair
  • never allowing your child to:
    • stand up in the chair
    • sit or stand on the tray
    • climb into or out of the chair unassisted
  • using the harness or other restraint system at all times to prevent falls and entrapment hazards
  • ensuring your child's hands are free from moving parts when the tray is installed or removed

Safe placement of the high chair includes:

  • staying away from anything that could pose a hazard for the child, such as:
    • stoves
    • windows
    • appliance cords
    • curtains or blind cords
  • making sure your child cannot overturn the chair by pushing against vertical surfaces, such as:
    • walls
    • cupboards
  • storing it out of reach when not in use to prevent your child from trying to climb onto it

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